Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Maternal Mommas!

WAR Hero x G13 Structure 
Angus Breeding Heifer
Headed to a show this weekend
WAR Hero x VRD
Angus Breeding heifer
Headed to a show this weekend

Good luck Wyatt and Garrett Porter!
You guys have done a good job with these great females we appreciate your business

Friday, November 29, 2013

Good luck to Jaclyn Frey!

Jaclyn is taking her market heifer and maine steer to Norfolk Classic tomorrow!

Good luck to the Romshek family!

Maine Breed steer headed to Norfolk Classic show 
Sold on our fall sale

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Champion Maine at Nebraska State Fair open show

Sired by Yellow Jacket out of a Hostage cow
New donor at RB Angus
Raised by Wiese
Thank You to Pat and Nancy Wiese and family for your help all year with this female we are excited to add her to the line up

Market Heifer sweep at Norfolk Beef Expo

Reserve Champion Mkt Heifer Norfolk Beef Expo
Shown by Ethan Young
Sired by Bodacious
Raised and sold by us

Champion market Heifer Norfolk Beef Expo

Champion Mkt Heifer
Sired by Monopoly 
Shown by Connor Rankin
Sold by us

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Man Among Boys steer still available!

MAB x Angus
Great county fair steer 
Gentle for any age
Call kurtis 4027501770 for details

RB Angus and Show Cattle Welcomes the new herdsman Cody Schulz

Cody Schulz will be the newest member of the team here at RB Angus and Show Cattle he will be here starting December 9th we welcome him to our program!

Maintainer breeding heifer for sale

Gambler x Black Impact
This heifer is green but high quality comes from a long line of great cattle
Her mother by Black Impact
2004 Champion Commercial Breeding HeiferAksarben
A maternal sister by Monopoly
Her sire The Gambler


Monday, September 16, 2013

RB Angus and Show Cattle Perfect View Sale

Thursday, September 19th
Bids Start at Noon Closes at 7:00pm

Lot #1 Eye Candy
Lot #2 Monopoly
Lot # 3 Monopoly
Lot # 4 Monopoly 2
Lot # 5 Firewater
Lot # 6 Bodacious
Lot # 7 Man Among Boys
Lot # 8 Monopoly 2
Lot # 9 Indian Outlaw
Lot # 10 Choppin Wood
Lot # 11 Monopoly 2
Lot # 12 Monopoly 2
Lot # 13 Bodacious
Lot # 14 Man Among Boys
Lot # 15 Bodacious
Lot # 16 Monopoly 2
Lot # 17 Choppin Wood
Lot # 18 Monopoly
Lot # 19 Eye Candy
Lot # 20 Unstoppable
Lot # 21 Man Among Boys

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mellow Yellow

Choppin Wood x Shorthorn
She sells September 19th
Ethan Wilke had a heifer from us last year a lot like this one and did very well all summer long this one should do the same

Bodacious Daughter

Bodacious x Heat Wave
She sells September 19th on our Perfect View Pasture Sale on Breedersworld
She gets better every day

Friday, August 16, 2013

Sale Calves 2013 Perfect View Pasture Sale

Monopoly 2 x Tycoon Daughter
She sells September 19th on breedersworld
Lot #11

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dog Tame Breed Heifer

Firewater x Eye Candy Daughter
Composite Charolais Breeding Heifer
Sells September 19th on Perfect View Pasture Sale on Breedersworld
Lot #5

Clipping for Perfect View Pasture Sale Begins

Indian Outlaw x Shorthorn
Sells on RB Angus and Show Cattle Perfect View Pasture Sale on September 19th
Lot #9

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Another Breed Title

Champion Composite Charolais 
Bartlett Progress Show
Sired by Choppin Wood
Shown by Ethan Wilke
Sold by Benes
Raised by us
This heifer has not been beat as a Composite yet great job Wilke Family